Facebook reverses Crypto AD BAN

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If you remember Facebook ban crypto related ads In March 2018 and after that goggle, Twitter, Microsoft and so on ban ads on there platform as well. But now Facebook giving relaxation on crypto ads apart from ICO ads. They did some modifications in there policies, whomsoever wants to give ads on Facebook they have to go through with a application process to get the ads on Facebook.

They further added: "Given these restrictions, not everyone who wants to advertise will be able to do so. But we'll listen to feedback, look at how well this policy works and continue to study this technology so that, if necessary, we can revise it over time."

Friends what you think, like Facebook, goggle, Microsoft, Twitter should also reverse their decision or not. Pls comment below and if you like this post pls upvote. @steemitvkey24

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This has to happen nothing big for me to read this as i always said crypto is future and people will realize it now or later but they will .
Soon i am waiting to hear about India getting crypto legal as well and would like to see all of us blog for it ! :)

Thank you so much for having interest in my post sir, means alot to me and yes we have faith in crypto and have faith in you as well.

SIr your word will came true. very soon

Kindly don’t make active to passive voice from someone another’s post!
They write by doing hard work on a blog!

If you can't stop the force become the force, ❤️

@steemitvkey24 Yup! i heard about this news But it was also said that the policy will be revised again over time, because its ability to protect misleading ads has improved.

Yes that's true bro it can revised again over time.

its very good news for crypto world.

Yes bro. Let's spread the positivity

crypto is a feauture

Indeed bro

Yess even i heard about this news.. Great news for crypto lover... hope one day google also remove the ban on crypto

Yes they have too.

Old news now

Yes, but not all aware from it.

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Good news from facebook
Good post

Thnx bro

very positive and good information

Thanx bro

bhai bahot badiya news!

Thanx bhai

bhai bahot badiya news!

Great news for crypto lovers and even to indian government to watch out for these news before taking their decision

Exactly my point.

You are given great and nice information.

Thanx for the appreciation

@steemitvkey24 good post my friend

Thnk you

Yeah toa hona hi tha

Correct bro.

A great step from Facebook. I think Google, Twitter should take this decision @steemitvkey24

They will bro.

Will wait for legal