Vertex $70 Airdrop + 500 Electroneum (ETN) Contest

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Hello guys ,

I am going to Distribute 500 ETN between all those who signup and Join this Airdrop from my Link

Steps to Join Airdrop


  • Press Continue Button to go for further Steps - continue.JPG

  • Now on Next Page Verify your E-mail by Inserting Verification code from E-mail -

  • After Verification Click on Continue button -

  • Now Insert your Genuine Details, First & Last Name as on ID proof.

  • Join Their Telegram Channel and Insert Your Telegram @username.

insert your first.JPG


  • And now the Last step click on Get 12 VTEX tokens & After Clicking on this link you will able see your Tokens on Dashboard-


Now After Completing Signup, Drop Your ETN Address on Comment to get ETN -

Steps to Be Eligible for ETN -

Note - I will distribute 500 ETN equally to all participant . If there are only 10 participant, they all will get 50 ETN each. And if winning amount is less then 10 ETN each i will Increase the Reward amount.

Thanks to All .


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ETN Address:
vertex last.png

done all steps


all done.

My ETN Address:

done everything.
Electroneum Address: etnk28M5h2SC566efJkNsGT6m759Ee6yY78Nfc29pF88doAYi58QeqwbzCQ9oBD52qjfeBWHPa5PpBseAK4zfD8r22PpiiFj9x

hey dear @steallion
i've not get any etn.
can you check my address plz?