Ethereum Classic(etc),vechain(ven) 24h high low price crash news in binance bittrex exchange part 3

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Ethereum Classic(etc),vechain(ven) 24h high low price crash news
bittrex exchange:
Ethereum Classic(etc):
24h last price 0.00228530/$13.36
total vol 135.20000000 btc
24h high price 0.00242076 btc/$14.15
low price 0.00226654 btc/$13.25

Ethereum Classic(etc):
total marketcap 237,058 BTC
24h vol 36,137 BTC
total supply 102,533,021 ETC
last price 0.00231202 BTC/$13.51

last price 0.00038582 BTC
24h total vol 6,248 BTC
total supply 873,378,637 VEN

binance exchange:
last price 0.00039046/$2.24
24h vol 2,085.75 BTC
24h high price 0.00045643 btc
low price 0.00038100 btc



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@sohel7421 It is time to hold or sell vechain(ven).

hold for 2 month

If are in Loss Then Hold Your Coin Ven Is Awesome Coin For Long Term You will definitely get huge profit..

See Chart! For More Information

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@sohel7421 Is it the right time to buy some bitcoin or I should wait for some more downfall??
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@sohel7421 This is just the beginning Brthr ... Everything Gonna rebound .. All the coins which has potential and has reached the bottom will definitely rebound and will reach the peaks .. just wait for the whales to react on BTC .. Everything is gonna Alright

Keep HODLing

I think #etc will cross 100$ in end of this year..
What you think about #etc price last of year?

As per Technical analysis ETC form a Descending Triangle In 1 Day chart.. If Breakout upside Then Definitely Reach 100$ Goal

See In The Chart!

@sohel7421 Most projects on top 100 are good to hodl long term.
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@sohel7421 The market is very unstable mode everything is really messed up. perfect point to enter on many coins. what coin do you think the best to enter now for maximum profit?

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@sohel7421 sir when you think that market will again rise?
also should i hold vechain or hold it?
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@shhel7421 Do you really think Ethereum Classic will reach $100 this year?

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sir is it possible that in future Ethereum can beat bitcoin

Coins mentioned in post:

CoinPrice (USD)📈 24h📈 7d
ETCEthereum Classic15.912$8.55%8.24%

what should i do now.. should i hold or sold? please suggest me.

@sohel7421 thanks for sharing information sometimes i thought that all the cryptocurrencies are wipe put

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I have a Question Are You Analyst? by the way Great Article Bro

@sohel7421 What are views on current market condition?

what a great blog brother and chart views are awesome....and all we know that its time to HOLD all cryptocurrencies and you are also encoring people to HOLD.. great bro
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which one we hold?

Well done bhai.. You are really working hard

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Now bitcoin price very bad time

yes but it will bullish soon

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@sohel7421 Should i withdraw all my coins for now or keep on holding?

Waiting for your best answer.

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@sohel7421 bro which website is good to watch coins price coinmarketcap or livecoin watch please suggest.

Nice Post Brother And I Am Also From India And I Am Follow Moneyguru Pn Youtube

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@sohel7421 great job bro excellent. do share with us any good signals and news about Tron.