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AIDS is a disease that can not be cureable yet, and experts are just telling them how to avoid it.
But now scientists have invented a vaccine which will not cause a person to suffer from AIDS.
This wonderful Vaccine is invented by American Institute of National Institute of Allergy and Infrastructure Studies. Successful experiments have been made on the mice, pigs and monkeys and now it is being prepared to test on humans.
Dr. Kyong, head of the investigative team, said that this vaccine successfully produced antibodies in mice, pigs and monkeys, which protect against AIDS virus.
He said that we analyzed HIV vaccines for the preparation of this vaccine and tried to find out which part of it is weaker and weakened by the vaccine. Can be removed.
He said that after that we developed the vaccine and made experiments on animals so that it completely disrupted the parts of the virus that is a great success of our team that is effective and effective for HIV counter. The vaccine will prove to be a milestone in the struggle.

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