Those who invest in the crypto are taxed by the Income Tax

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the people who invest in the tax-free copy of the script are not happy. Interestingly, Income Tax has received information from its Secret Departments that the people who have invested in crypto are of Invest Black Money. People are using black money to buy crypto currency. The proof of this is that the Income Tax department is mile .income Tax department wants to know how much black money has been used to buy crypto. Thus income tax has sent a notice to money investors using crypto. To ask them what they used to have money in crypto. They came from Money said and what is its source. If the peoples replied that the money came from the said word then it will be examined on them but if the answer is not given, then the money laundering law will not be able to do it. It is important that I have the right to invest in black money hide . I have been invested in bitcoin. It is a small investment in investment in capital of the city.


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