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We saw a nice spike today that could continue up
6.8k .in which we will meet resistance . I m expecting
A drop to the 5.2-5.3k area then a spike to 6.6k& then tha drop
To 4.4kIMG_20180703_140953.jpg


2018 end price prediction ?

So no bull run?

I am very impressive because you are share good information.

I think there will be a lot of buying at $5k. That could end the downtrend but if that doesn't hold and it carries on down, then who knows how low it could go? Would be great if we don't have to go that low, I can never guess when the end of a trend will happen with any accuracy.

Good information

nice information

@reenarao It is not possible, Bitcoin never goes down the $5200. If this happens the mining cost is not covered and people stop mining which is not good for market

Mgsc tag is not profitable

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