Wikipedia is Banned??!

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Okay, the title is true.
The website named Wikipedia is banned in Turkey.
In Turkey for the past one year Wikipedia, the World's Biggest online encyclopedia to share information is
I don't know why they would ban such a thing but I do know this kinda stuff happens everywhere.
In Egypt, the human rights watch website is BANNED.
In China and Iran, Facebook is BANNED.
In India and Pakistan Cryptocurrency is BANNED
In the Philippines, Uber was BANNED for a while as well.
And the list goes on and on and on..................
This blog is not to justify the BANS. It's to bring into light what these people's do inside these countries.

Take Turkey for example. Wikipedia is banned but the people found a way around it. They use a website that is an IDENTICAL copy of WIKIPEDIA with a different name that for some reason is NOT BANNED.

In Zimbabwe, the govt. banned people from working as Taxis so an informal taxi system popped up where people drove each other around, WITHOUT USING TAXI.
And when Turkey banned UBER people still drove each other around.

In IRAN and CHINA, people use fake private networks(VPN) just to connect to the internet and use Facebook.
No matter what the governments around the world try to do, It's amazing how people always find ways around it.

There is only one thing people in power must understand, it's that information online or offline should always be accessible by EVERYONE. And ANYONE who tries to limit that is DOOMED TO FAIL
See you tomorrow.

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That's very sad but it can be used with HOLA vpn or any other vpn service

Yes. Thanks that you read it.

It seems that the government are really not good for people

I believe whatever govt.does is for the good of its people but sometimes some of the rules and regulations hamper it's citizens.

That is very funny indeed. Anyways that is humans for you, we always have our way around with everything

That's true. Even Govt. knows it then why ban!!!

I think in China chome is also banned so they use UC browser

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Yes may be. I don't understand what they get by banning.

There government wana use there own browser... UC browser is Ali Baba's in china

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May be you are right.

I think in China chrome is also banned so they use UC browser

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Giod article

Glad you liked it.

Is that for real??? I mean im a constant user of the website

Yes Uber was banned in the Philippines for a while.

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Already joined mane.. I am among the first there, I have also upvoted and followed you long before.

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