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There are two ways to get highlighted now a days. First,the ancient one is work so hard in your field that gradually everything in the world tells stories about your passion.
The second way about which you'll have a more clear view
This is more new and tremendously trending which is getting viraled by doing silly and funny things.

So friends I'm not knowing much about my topic HOW TO GET 5000 UPVOTES. instead l am just learning how to write good blogs . But today I thought that my steemit family is working hard on their posts and writing with technical data and facts precisely.Frankly speaking I get scared with such kind of lengthy technical statistics and facts.

So I thought there should be atleast one person who can bring a cute smile on the faces of a hard working community by posting this kind of (I don't which kind of)post. Or there should also be some posts after reading them people say themselves Screenshot_2018-07-05-21-17-03-621_com.canva.editor.png

And bring a pleasant smile on there faces.

So now you can smile. I know some of you are getting angry on me and thinking what kind of post is this.
Believe me friend from last two days I'm thinking what to write? What to write? And being unique,consistent and active is also a big issue on steemit. So I thought let's make some fun and try to be conversant to the great community. So this post is for you all .

And now if you have come so far reading my post I think you should upvote and comment because
And this image is more meaningful for those who are having better reputation and power🤗🤗

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Its impossible to get 5000 upvotes in one post

I thought maybe I could get a tip or two from you :P but it looks like you didn't even know yourself what to write? :P
By the way, you are right about putting a smile on someone's face, I mean for me, that's internal satisfaction and I did smile while going through your post. So keep up the good work.!!
Have a nice day ahead.!!

@panditsaurabh bro trust me,, mai tumhare post dekh kr..#serious hokr aaya tha..
Tumhare ppst pr....but you know what , mai apne #laughing control nhe kr paa raha😂😂😂
I think,,this is the best post ever...😊😊 love uhh bro..


Thank you brother. And this is the best comment I've ever got.

Good humour and effort. Wish you luck.

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You r doing awesome bro I see your reputation so good thank you

Indeed @panditsaurabh i still have not mastered this tips.helpful as they are

Nice concept bro. How to increase my reputation also can you suggest me bro ? How my steam power increase ? Please advice me .. @panditsaurabh

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Good one from brother., thank for this.

@panditsaurabh bro its posaible if you pay some steem to the bots or join some groups to get upvote for upvote

very funny baba ji ka thullu

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Nice concept

Nice concept......

Very funny....

Please follow me. I will follow back asap. Am new here

I like your post and did that upvote i think also same that some one must be there to came out a smile from some one inside u r doing good bro keep it up i post some things also intresting i hope when u see you will like it too. Hope for future bro. 😊

Good time pass post

Welcome and good success on the steem blockchain :)


Thank you . May you also get healthy success.

Nice, your punchline realy draw attention of peoples who were struggling on this platform...

Obama laughing.gif

nice post

Hey bro thank you for good and informative post. I am follower and a big readers of your post. While I am new in Steemit. Plz help me grow in Steemit by upvoting and commenting on my post. Here is the link of my post-

Good post upvote me back thanks

good img and funny baba ji ka thalla

Welcome on Steemit !!!

Nice concept and good content ... I'm new in steemit , plz support me like this .
Expecting 1 upvote form you plz to grow ....


Done bro. Keep yourself promoted.

such a informative blog

I am new in steemit and i liked your post because I look for good ideas to write about it and hope you and good steemian follow me to exchange the Fun and interest 😊

Very nice

Are all of those massive votes valuable?

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HAHAHA there is no single answer how to build a following from nothing. I think that its not something that happens overnight without effort, but rather takes a ton of effort and work.

you not even get 5000 thousand upvotes,why are you telling a lie ,i am also belongs to mgsc community??i respect you,but i like your post ...bro good luck

I read your post and i find it informative
And you also write the same the sumit sir say on his video
But you also write your experience
God job bro👌👌

i seriously appreciate what u write, despite not listing the ways.

Hii bro nice start good luck do best work on this side go ahead
Friends follow me i will follow you for good support


really bro good luck we have to be hard work and we should help each other in the money guru. bhai ham sab ko ek dusre Ki madad krni h
tabhi kuch kr payengge. ![images (3).jpeg]( i3Uf2x2Vt81dvKaMSrohFtMAiBBAbeVo71qr/images%20(3).jpeg)
lets help each other love you my all friends. images (4).jpeg


Dear mate will definitely follow and practice your tricks thanks awasom work