Indian economy , 2017

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Friends here I am delighted to inform you that according to the world bank report of the 2017, India has become the sixth largest economy in the world, in 2017 India's GDP was $ 2.597 trillion.
In the last two quarters of 2017, the Indian economy has performed very well, Because of which Indian economy has become the sixth largest economy in the world.

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Countries which have GDP above India are US, China, Japan, Germany and UK.
Manufacturing and service sector have a huge contribution in taking India's GDP above the France's GDP.
In the last 10 years, India has doubled its GDP, which is a huge achievement for India.

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What do you think of India's economic growth? Please comment
Thank you.


Woo that's great news for every citizens of india

Yes ,it is pride moment for indians.

Thank u sir ,for reading this article.

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Very funny, it is calm

I know...

In next 10 year India will be on 3rd - 4th rank

Yes .we can do it.but at high level competition will be more tough☺️😊👍

Its good to see India's GDP at 6th position, but We have to work more harder and together to bring India's GDP at the top.

Yes you said right.and we are ready to do it.

wow... every indian will feel good after reading this blog..

Great work bro keep it up

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Well explained buddy.

Thanks to read this article.

nice post..keep it up

Very well summed up.. nice article ...

Hope for the best further in future no doubt india gain very much regarding GDP in the current govt era

Thank u for reading the article.

Nice information

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Bro your point of view is vary good

Definately growth will be increase . And one day India will get first rank. This is my hope and believe. I know it's seems tough but I believe in my new generation . I'm happy that India got 6 rank.

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Indian rocks everywhere.......

India 's growth has just started bro . It is just starting scale the heights of the world.

Yes you said right.

Per Capita Must be improved, for any nation.

Yes this is one point on which indian government should also work.

That's great news for every citizen of India.

Yes , it is pride moment for indians.

Love to know about it,and i am proud to be an indian

This is a great news. It is due to good efforts of government

Yes with out govt effort nothing can happen .

6th positions india isse uper kab jayegi @cleverbot

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India is now the 5 th bigest economic cuntry

I think it was 6 .

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Sry i am wrong it will 6

It's ok, thanks to read article.

Still we are way behind then top developed countries

In india ,100 rs is going to devide among 50 people and in developed countries 70 rs devide among 10 peoples.

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Good information

Thank u

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Nice work bro...i was eagerly waiting for this information...thanks a lot

Thank u .

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nice concept.

India growing very fastly

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First if all very good article @nmahatele...
I think india is becoming a good and high performance economy in next 5yrs.

Indian economy will no 1 in next 5 years