Amazing Facts About Human Brain

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Destroys some fictional stories about late brains. Let's know how the brain works. The practice of human brain is also called the boundary line of science.

In the field of Neuroscience, it is still in an early stage, but it is changing day by day. There is a lot of difference in the mindset of today's brain and today's mindset is seen as a fictional story today.

Experts believe that no human knows much about their brain.

Now you will be surprised to know some of the below-mentioned brains. Some points will force you to think something very strange. By reading some words, you will feel that your brain works just like a machine. Some of these words will shake your mind.

Here are some interesting points related to the lower brain-

  1. In general, about 50000 views come in one mind a day and 70% of them are negative.

  2. Every single neuron in the brain is connected to about 4,400 chromosomal coordinates.

  3. One piece of brain tissue and one particle of sand contains 100,000 neurons and 1 billion chromosomal coordinates and these are all connected to each other.

  4. All brain cells are not the same. There are about 10000 types of neurons in the brain.

  5. Having only 5 minutes without oxygen can cause heavy damage to your brain.

  6. Children's head is big because their brain increases according to age. The brain of a 2-year-old child has 80% of brain-related brain.

  7. As all parents say that until the age of 25, the human brain does not completely change into puberty.

  8. The brain exchanges 260 miles per hour for information exchange. This fast formula one race car has more than 240 mph top speed.

  9. A specific brain is only 2% of your body weight, but it consumes 20% of energy from the energy you feel, and it also helps in getting oxygen.

  10. Your brain has 73% water. 2% water deficiency can also distract your attention, so it is important to maintain the right level of water in the brain.

  11. Staying in sweat for 90 minutes can make you a psychiatrist forever.

  12. Your brain weight is about 3 pounds. Of this, the weight of dry brain is 60% which is fatty.

  13. 25% of the body's cholesterol occurs in your brain. Cholesterol is the inner part of your brain. Mind cells are killed due to lack of cholesterol in the brain.

  14. There is no correct information about this, but according to current research and information, there are 86 billion brain cells in the brain.

  15. Your brain produces about 12-25 watts of electricity. But it does not have enough power to burn the 60-watt bulb.

  16. There are about 100,000 chemical reactions per second in your brain.
    At one time it was thought that the memory of our brain was like a camera but none of us thought how the memory power of the brain works.

  17. Memory is trustworthy. Because remembering power uses emotion, motivation, circumstance and signs to remember Bato.

  18. Memory power remembers work more than places. Our brain keeps remembering the power in different parts according to their work. And whenever you remember them again, your brain again refreshes those memories.

  19. Your brain starts to slow down from the age of 24, but according to your age, your brain gets mature and gets new technologies and qualifications. Not only this, but at any given time, your mind is ready to adopt new ones.

  20. If you have been drinking and you do not remember what you did last night, this is not the reason that you have forgotten, but when you drink alcohol, your brain can not remember memory powers (memories). .

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