Spain Vs Russia- Why RUSSIA WIN?

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Today as a Football Fans. we have seen an astonishing match Btw #Spain& #Russia

Hatts off to the Crazy Totally packed Stadium and the crazy Spain & Russian side supporters


  1. Super Powerful Defending
  2. Local Supporters from Russia
  3. GOAL KEEPER/Captain- Igor Akinfeev Goal keeping skills

In this match #Spain did more than 1000+ Passes in return of Russia 280 Passes only, But Russia Defense made the strong

MAN of the Match- Igor Akinfeev


Now its #Brazil turn to out
WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY about BRAZIL tomorrow match?
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brazill will win 2018 worldcup.

Not this year <3 see and watch Either France- Mexico or Crotia will win

Brazil is a good team
Let's see what happens

You are Right But this Year all LEGENDS nations are going OUT ahhahahahah

But picture Abhi Baki hai mere dost

Hahahhahah hahaha. indEeeed 😂😂😂😂🤣

i think brazil will not win this world cup

Yeah this time. Mexico, Russia or Crotia

@myindiantechie good article on FIFA. Thanks for rolling this out for the larger audiance.

Thanks for loving my views and Yeah What you have to say who will lift this WORLD CUP?

Yeah i can be happen russia will be win

YEAH....... After watching today RUSSIA performance, they are hard to beat

brazil win or Russia, this is none of my business

great job keep it up

....france ....the champion this time

i never expected Russia to be that much harmful to spain . it shows that the football is becoming trend now noone is weak.