Opinion about ETN & TRX

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These days Crypto is totally down and this is the greatest and biggest chance for new comers to join and Earn like a Billionaire..... m0re than The investors who comes mainly after October-November,2017

About #ETN it have the Biggest and Greatest Support of Millions Investors and there Money is invested into the Project of Mobile mining concept.

About #TRX- Justin Sun have a very positive twitter reach with a huge potential of influence to there investors and Trx believers.

I can easily see 10-18X profit in ETN VERY EASILY - acc to its project potential
I can see about 6-12X Profit in TRX bcoz of the community behind TRX is huge with many collabs



ETN on Sky When List on binance and Tron drop price after binance compitition close

Yeah.... U have a good points to tell but i thibk all is cox of BTC sucks.... Thats ehy all coins dying

Yes you are right. ETN is now under value...I bought more again..

Same i did, i bought toooo hahahahahah

Tron is the new under ground voin in matket

Absolutely Just wait and watvh to see These small coins Bull run

Thanks bhai, but do commentnt big as u know Wt sumit ecplained u not to write

New partnership and exchanges will come..it is positive for etn

Roger that u r right buddy.... More exchanges will adopt and more users will join

Etn ka hall bura h..what i do sell ya buy


Very educational thoughts buddy

Thabks for ur appreciation punk

You are talk nice information so much sir.

Ur Welcome be updated here Nd support

Do you really think it is easy to earn 10x now

Yeap it will Patinence is the KEy buddy <3

i lost hope in ENT and sold very long ago in loss but if i buy with that money now i can get 3x more coin.. about trx im doing short trade of 5-10% weekly base

today market is greeen

Holding tigth than maximum earn

Both have brilliant future and go to sky