This is A.I. Future Technology ... ?

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Now a days almost every smartphones industry says that there devices using the AI power. Few devices having theri own AI software. Thanks to processors that introduce the AI software in devices.


ARM company that is the chip design company of Britain, want to put the AI power into mobile devices, AI power depend on the server in the cloud.

For making this process more efficient AI chip was built which allow devices to continue running when offline. This is power saving and reduce the data traffic.

Staple FOR Mobile Phones:-
It is more possible in future that the AI power in the mobile phones due to its advantage. ARM is not one to trying to make the AI power in devices. Apple already designed the designed the engine for the purpose of handling the artificial neural network in mobile devices like part of iPhone Xs main chip. Chinese smart phones makers designed the neural processing unit for Huawei mate 10 for this purpose.

ARM company started to sharing their plans for the AI chips to their partners for making the chip they designed. ARM expects to launched the AI software in devices in early 2019.

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