After 40 These 5 Food Should be eaten :-

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Healthy food and essential vitamins should be taken for good health. Healthy person is defined as having no disease, heart problem. Stomach issues diabetes blood pressure problems. We should be taken balance diet. Most people suffer from many health issues after age of 40 mostly are suffer from high blood pressure, bones issues, heart diseases and muscle problems. Here are some foods times, which should be eat after 40 years of age.


(1) Raspberries:-

We can add some foods in our diet. Some peoples take fiber, but at this stage adults cannot digest fiber. Some fruits which having fiber are useful for adults like raspberries. It ful fill the requirements according to the age. By using this blood pressure remain normal.

(2) Cooked Tomatoes :-

According to the research of national institute of cancer that cooked tomatoes are useful for control of cancer. These are antioxidant. Another research show that cooked tomatoes absorbs the chemical that are harmful for the healthy cells of body.

(3) Walnuts:-

Walnuts control the cholesterol level and fatty acid. They contain unsaturated fatty acids that balance the cholesterol in blood. Walnuts are enriched with vitamin E and vegetables oils.

(4) Olive Oil:-

Olive oil prevent the body from gaining the cholesterol level. In foods the others oils increase the health issues but olive oil is significant for about age.


(5) Avocados:-

We can add avocados in our balance diet after the age of 40. Avocados purify the blood, maintain the level of APA in blood. Avocados are antioxidants. It prevents the body from diabetes, uric acid. It make immune system strong. It contain vitamin E, copper and vitamin C.

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