4600 Ft Glass Walkway Of China ...

in #mgsc6 years ago

china 1.jpg

This is an amazing and scary construction by china this glass walkway is for about 4600 ft up the side of mountains. It is situated an Tianmen Mountain's in National forest park Zhangjiajie, Hunan Park.


This walkway is 100 meter long and 1.6 meter wide.You need courage to walk at this walkway. If you want adventure in life or take a selfie then this glass walkway is great place for you.


I've seen that road in some documentaries, the truth is it's beautiful, I do not dare to go there, too many people in such a small space! Thanks for the pictures!

I recognize this walkway from several videos showing frightened people trying to walk on this walkway, some literally crawling on the glass floor with fear written all over their faces! Thanks for sharing this post malikkhurram, now I know exactly where the walkway is located but I can't promise taking on this challenge.

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