Don't surf this! Mariana's Web-Explain

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Hey steemians, Today I going to talk about Mariana's Web. What is that or how can we excess it? We consider these types of your doubts in this article.
Before understand Mariana's Web, first you need to understand about Surface Web or Deep Web and Dark Web.
So first is what is Surface Web? Surface Web are those Web which we can surf easily, In simple word, those websites which we can used easily and it index on the Google called Surface Web.
Now, talk about What is Deep Web or Dark Web? Deep Web are those Web on the Internet in which database present, any industry, government employee's private information which can surf by only authorities of particular person. And the Dark Web is the place of Internet where all illegal work done by criminals, it is the hell of the Internet.The Dark Web is darkest corner of the Internet where you found all illegal things such as drugs dealers, hitman, animal abuses, child pornography etc. These websites of dark web or deep web are not index on the Google and you can surf these sites only when you have websites address, and you can only surf these websites with help of TOR browser. I never recommend that you surf these types of websites or used TOR. Please stay away from such things.
Lets come topic What is Mariana's Web? If I tell you, a place on the Internet which are deeper than Dark Web and you can only surf it when you have the websites of this web and the access key of the websites that is called Marianas Web. Mariana's Web is so deep that there is so trouble to enter and going to that place of Internet.
Let it more explain the Mariana's Web. How get it named Mariana's Web? Mariana Trench is part of the ocean which is world's deep part of the ocean, so by the name of the Mariana Trench, it get Mariana's Web named because it is most deeper part of the Internet.
It is believed that the top secrets of the government and the most mysterious things of our Earth which are not explain yet, are may be found on the Mariana's Web. It is also said that Atlantis which is imaginary island, all the information about this, may be on the Mariana's Web. And the people also believed that the base of the Illuminati is present of the Mariana's Web. It is most secret place on the Internet.
Why government not explore such a things? The Government cannot explore these things because there are also various secrets information of all the countries, available on the Mariana's Web. So this is the reason they don't want to open the secret of any governments and there database also store on these Webs.
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I tell you a story, few days ago, there was web developer who work as freelancer. One time an unknown person whose name was 450W hired this web developer on the The developer don't know about the person who hired him but the unknown person offered him a very amount $50,000 per week to make a website. So he thought that it some scam work but he needed money, so he gave yes to that work. The 450w named person gave him a private server to design a normal website. He worked on this about 2 weeks, then after two weeks, this awareness took place in his mind that at which server I am working? So he found some clips which very weird or creepy videos. There are also a message in binary code and it also converted into a paragraph term.
I cannot share that creepy videos due to some reason.
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with you saying that makes me want to go.. search it.


Without any address of site you can't enter in it.

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