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Our talk at the club one day was of opportunity and determination. Some said opportunity was required for success' and million never had it other that only determination was neede. And then Jorkens joined in all for determination if a man was determined to get anything and stuck to it long enough he got it said Jorkens.

Life is like a race . Jorkens went on, in which they tire after a while and sit down or get interested in something else instead. The man who keeps on wins the race.

And suppose a man wanted to be scatting champion of the sahara, said Terbut, and couldn't afford the money to get there.

There was a young fellow , said Jorkens ' to whom his parents probably used to say the vary things that we have been saying now, and very likely he as many young fellow do may have wanted to prove them wrong. I do not know it was a long time ago, but whatever his motive was he hit on a most extraordinary ambition, and stuck to it. It was nothing less than to be appointed Court acrobat.

Never mind what country it was said jorkens and as a metter of fact its customs were not so silly as you suppose. They had no post of Court acrobot. And never had had. But that did not stop young jorgious. That was his name . He was a good athlete when he came by his wild idea at about the age of sixteen.Screenshot_2018-07-21-17-45-51-1.png


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