Satpara Lake Skardu

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Satpara lake is a natural lake near skardu gilgit biltistan pakistan which supplies water to sakardu valley. It is fed by the satpara stream . Satpara lake is situated at an elevation of 2636 (8650 ft) above sea level and is spread over an area of 2.5km2. It is sarrounded by mountain . It is avery very beautifu lake . I hope after watch this picture you want to see this beautiful lake.Screenshot_2018-07-12-16-34-54-1.png


Beautiful. The colors look stunning.

Done :-)

@kashiawanbilla, thank you for sharing informations & along with beautiful pic....this such a amazing place, i wish i could go this place.

Awesome scene

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Beautiful place, is it in POK?

Wow what a beauty of nature.

Beautiful place, may be I am visit this place in future

beautiful lake...

Thanks for sharing such informative article !.

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Beautiful place

put some large picture to see the view clearly and if you can share some more image that would be good.

beautiful lake !!

beautiful would wish to visit here someday.:-)

It's beautiful.