What is The Curation Reward ? How To Get More Curation Rewards

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Are you confused about curation rewards , how they work and how you can earn more of them? In this post I will try my best to explain it simply without going into details too much.

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When you upvote someone or comment you will be rewarded by steemit with some of the profit of that post, is called curation reward.

Curations rewards are paid in Steem Power. If you look at a post that has received its rewards, you will see that there are Author and Curators rewards.

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This post is 11 days old and received its rewards. The total is $1355.05 with 75% going to the author and 25% going to curators. $372.95 went to curators who upvoted the post.


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Here are four Factors which help you getting more of the curation reward.

1.Time / Time after publication
what is the best time for curation reward? the best time for curation reward is after 30 minutes of publishing of the post.here is the steemit rule for curation rewards.
if you upvote a post the moment of posting, 100% of the curation reward goes to the
author and you will get nothing.
if you upvote after 3 minutes 90% goes to the author and you will get 10%.
if you upvote after 15 minutes 50% goes to the author and you will get 50%.
if you upvote after 27 minutes 10% goes to the author and you will get 90%.
if you upvote after 30 minutes you will get 100% of the curation reward.
So try to upvote after 30 minutes of posting.
Here is the Screen Shot OF this Rule mentioned in the steemit FAQ.
curation reward.png

2.Voting power

This is the second factor that influences your curation rewards. With more voting power
you will get more curation reward, For example if you upvoted with 100% power and you
got $0.02 now if you upvoted with 50% power you will get $0.01.

3.Steem Power

This is the Third factor that influences your curation rewards.the more steem power you have the more curation reward you will get,and this is the main thing to get more curation reward.

4.Number of votes before you
the first 5 upvoters after 30 minutes of posting get more curation reward than others ,
so try to be in them.

Hope it will help you in the steemit long journey.
If you know something more about curation reward let me know in the comment to help
each other.
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Thanks For Reading.


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