What is a Bull run in Crypto Market ?

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What is Bull run

A period of time when prices rise on a financial market is called Bull run.


Bull run Market

A bull marketplace is an economic market in which costs are growing or predicted to rise.
‘Bull market’ and ‘bull run’ are most often used in reference to the stock market.
However, the terms can be applied to anything that is traded, such as bonds,currencies, commodities.

Cryptocurrency Bull run

Bull run is often used to explain surges ( a sudden and great increase ) in crypto currency charges. as an example, the mixture marketplace cap of all current cryptocurrencies broke the $300 billion degree on November 27, on the back of bitcoin bull run.

When the whales want to make bull run in the market they start buying a specific coin even the people feel that the coin is growing due it's potential so a lot people start investing in that coin when then coin reached to a specific price which was the goal of whales they (whales)starte selling it until the coin go down to it's initial price or less then. For example they start buying a coin with 1$ even it reached to 10$ they started selling it until it go down to 1$. In result the whales make a big income and the others people some of them make a good income and some of them loose a big amount of their capital.

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Whales are the investors who have a huge amount of bitcoins.

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good information bro


you are welcome

Very informative. Thanks for the information pal

Bull run typically is not only an instance in crypto world but every model that involves 'stock' or shares. Those who holds extremely large amounts creates artificial movements in the market, and once the price hits their target, they starts selling their holdings at a profit of course. Its business.


Well said. you deserve 2 votes from me 1 for your comment and 1 for your blog. thanks for good comment

Thanks @iftikharali for providing worthy information especially for newbie.

Well clarified the word Bull Run specially when whales create it to serve their purpose , but beyond this attitude of whales Bull time naturally follows after series of corrections as major crypto currencies are always built with a fixed maximum supply , and this way maintain positive uptrend.


good information, thanks

Your blog is informative. Hopefully we see a bull run in Q4 2018

We all crypto lovers are waiting for the Bull Run. FUD is taking off billions of dollars from market in few hours.
But crypto traders are trading very carefully.
Hope to come Bull Run soon.👍👍👍👍


so wait but be careful

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continue to succeed in steemit. Hopefully this article is useful for others to be an inspiration. and continue to create scientific works.

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