Health Benefits of Chebulic Myrobalan

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Health Benefits of Chebulic Myrobalan:


Due to its mild, safe and efficacious laxative properties the herb Chebulic myrobalan has been widely used in India as a home remedy. Regular consumption of powdered cherubic myroblan in the evening helps in correcting disordered processes of nutrition by which the organism ingests, digests, absorbs, utilizes and excretes food substance and restores the normal function of the system.


The decoction of Chebulic myrobalan is prepared by adding a couple of spoons of this powder in water and boiling it for a while to reduce the contents by half. In case of stomach ailments like hemorrhoids, the consumption of decoction helps to arrest secretion or bleeding and strengthens the stomach and promotes self healing. Its astringent property heals the hemorrhoids masses.


Do you know that juice of chebulic myroblan is the best antacid? You can rely on this highly beneficial herb for the treatment of acidity and heart-burn. It brings down your acidity and neutralizes your pH. For better relief, just prepare a juice with chebulic myroblan and Indian gooseberry (amla). Just chew a piece of chebulic myroblan or its powder to alleviate your heart-burn.

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