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Cryptocurrency Market reached $ 800 billion in calendar year

"I think we're too much down ... I'm not positive that we've dropped down but it looks like we have." Novgorits said, "But I think we're making a good bottom for the next step. "He said that he believes that it will be faster after being detained and in addition to better rules.

When asked why Novogratz strongly believes in this theory, he explained that cryptrocransis are gradually being adopted. More people are participating in crypto conferences and joining businesses related to crypto. He also said that many private enterprises are entering the market by investing in crypto companies through venture capital funds.

In order to attract more institutional investors, Novograde again emphasized the importance of custody. Once these investors see important names like Goldman Sachs, they will be assured immediately. However, despite the successful future, coinage Custody and Bitto failed to do this work in Novogratz's opinion.

Institutional FOMO exists?

"100%." ​​Novogratz said, "So far, it will not be a tiping point." He said that modern pension funds will come first and then follow all others.

Novogratz also said that he is a big fan of Utility Token. They are definitely "cooler projects" compared to the security token.

A few months ago, Novogratz said people would reach $ 800 billion in cryptorchancy market capitalization in December 2018. At that time, some people found it comical because the market was worth $ 800 billion. However, the statement is now more understandable that market capitalization has reached $ 300 billion within six months.

However, this will affect the target in 12 months as the market entering the market will lead to institutional FOMO.



i think will rise up again.good article

Cryptocurrency market is again rising and by the end of this year it will cross $1000 billion.

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$800 amazing

nice, to the moon

@dilbagpreet really Cryptocurrency market will be huge in 2019 it's great time to invest in bullish time wish you success :)

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Nice article but I have no idea about what kind of move will come in crypto market .

Waiting for btc to $50000

Nice blog

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