What you need know before investing in crypto currency.

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Hello Steem family.

Today i am gonna cover a very important topic which is how to prepare yourself before investing in crypto currency. After saw that big bull run in 2017, lots people jumped on board. But the main thing is not all those investors/traders have a proper plan when it comes to managing their assets.

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Firstly i would say as crypto market is so volatile as well as lucrative, so the potential to make money through this crypto market is also huge. But if you don't know what to do how to do then it can be very dangerous as well. So, before investing in cryptocurrency, it’s a good idea to have a goal in mind and know how much you can afford to lose.


Secondly not many people ask themselves why they are investing, they don't even know why they're doing that & on the other hand maximum answers will be i want to make money so quickly, crypto market made so many millionaire etc etc. Those who are thinking that you will make millions in a very short time that's not the truth any more. Its a real business you have to treat like that way. Its not rich quick scheme.


Thirdly the most important things when it comes investing or trading crypto currency. That's CONTROL YOUR EMOTION. When i started trading in the Forex market i thought its so easy why just people can't buy low and sell high. Its that simple but as time goes i understand its easy to say but very hard to apply in real life. But unless you can control your emotion in trading you can't be successful. Don't do panic sell i know its hard to see your portfolio going down day by day. But if you did proper research before investing then not to worry. Just buy more when it will be in dip.



Hope you find some value from my blog if you do then don't forget to upvote & comment on my post. Share your thoughts on this.


Dhanjyoti Kalita

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There are so many people in crypto market, they are in loss. Because they don't know the basic rules. They don't study about market. This content is very useful for crypto investers.

Yes we should always remember the basics.

Great info for newbies, by the way I am long term holder so for me no worries at all. Keep sharing

I am also a long term holder. Thanks mate

Hmmm....you are right bro I also getting too much frustrating about Bitcoin ,but this tectice will help me

So glad that you like my content. I will try to bring some more content like this.

@dhanjkalita yes will follow buy low and sell high

I am doing & will always do my bro

50x profit kelia

Only Invest that much you bear to loose in crypto

That's the key.

Intrsting information for crypto...thank you

Glad you like it bro

Good ingo

Thanks mate

Bro why future in bitcoin ?
How tough price in 2018 end ???
Plzz help me

Bro i am not getting you. You can ask me in hindi as well bro

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Geat information bro ....its helpfull for those who want to invest in crypto market

Thanks bro. it means a lot.

hi....good post

Thanks bro

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