South Africa Gets Its First Bitcoin Atm.

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Hey Guys

Another great news for crypto world. As we all know that big countries are taking advantage of this new digital era but now small countries are also coming on board. South Africa gets its first bitcoin wallet in Johannesburg. Actually this is not the first atm for south africa, in 2004 south africa got its first bitcoin atm but reports says that it was closed as there were no significant user interest in bitcoin.

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But now as south africa's citizens are increasingly interested in bitcoin & trading crypto currency for that reason they gets another Bitcoin atm. Users will able to buy and sell crypto currencies & exchange cash for crypto currency without even going to bank. In that atm users able to process bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum and other digital assets.

According to a report there are around 200 000 to 300 000 people in South Africa who are trading crypto currency. While as a second largest country in the world still thinking about banking regulation over bitcoin & other altcoins, south africa gets its first bitcoin atm. I don't think south africa is more developed than india but those who take right decision in the right time will stay forward by taking over these big countries.

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Dhanjyoti Kalita

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@dhanjkalita One day it will also in india.

Yes buddy hope so.

Hope India will have ATM soon

Lets hope for the best. India is one the main country for crypto world.

Bro @dhanjkalita its good news for everyone who lived in africa

Yes it is bro

Nice post.. keep it up

Thanks let's work together so we can grow together

@dhanjkalita hope soon it comes to india

I also really do

July is very crucial. RBI regulatory framework and court will decide the future of crypto in india...

Yes july month is so crucial fro crypto world.

Your content is really good and i like it . I have upvoted you in return to your upvote, hope you follow me too..
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Done from my side as well.

Like your article. I have upvoted you in return to your upvote, hope you follow me too
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Thanks for the compliment. Btw already upvoted & commented

Wow, great initiative from them

Yes it is bro. Let's see how indian govt react to it

Not possible in India atleast for now...

Hope so let's see how all goes

I upvt u u do same

Already did bro

every country in favour of crypto except india ?

yeah right bro. @maninder323 what you think about crypto?

I believe so. Lets see how indian govt react to it on july.

waiting for it. @dhanjkalita whats your oppinion for it?

I think india will regulate crypto currency very soon.

Wow . India should also do that .

Yes india should

Good news

Yes it is

a good step for promoting bitcon in africa........

Yes its a very big step

If india accept bitcoin then we ll also see btc atm in our local cities

Lets see how it goes.

Now this is a very good news for crypto fans. Hope we will also see this ATM's in india soon.

Yes bro. Hope indian govt will take action on that.

It's no doubt a good news but it doesn't matter till there are Big Whales in the Market for Manipulation.

You are absolutely right.

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Cool post doing good job keep it up

Thanks mate.

The only difference is that here the people are made uneducated leaders who have nothing to know, therefore, we are far behind the country.

Yes you're totally right bro.

That is a good news for south africa. But funny thing is India gov is still thinking whether it should regulate or not. What u think.

Yes bro. That's really a funny think. India is a 2nd largest country by population but they are reacting like bottom country.

They should have ABD as a brand Ambassdor for this BTC Atm

Ha ha. Then Virat will also use bitcoin.

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give me follow and upvote my all post , I give u again return!