BITCOIN Chart is Showing 3 Clear Strong Reversal Signs.

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3 Clear Strong Reversal Signs.jpg

If you're a fan of crypto market like me. Then you will love this article . Because in this article i am gonna share with you 3 reversal signs which are formed on Bitcoin. We can't exactly predict the future but these three signs are very strong signs to reverse a market.

btc 1 .jpg

First Sign, bitcoin is trading at a very strong level, bitcoin tried to break below this level but failed many times. Its a very strong sign that reflects that sellers are losing momentum. Which simply means that buyers are entering into the market.

btc 2 .jpg

Second sign is as i mentioned already bitcoin is trading at a very strong level or strong support level. In that zone bitcoin made a double bottom. Which means that whenever bitcoin tried to break that zone buyers immediately enter into the market. If you're familiar with trading in general then i think you already know what double bottom mean to a market specially on a strong zone.

btc 3.jpg

Third sign or i would say the strongest sign is as you can see a Bullish Engulfing Pattern. What does this pattern mean. It means that when bitcoin reached a very low level buyers began to buy bitcoin & the most important thing is this pattern formed in a very strong support level, which makes it even more stronger.

So these are the three strong reversal signs formed on the bitcoin chart. Do you think bitcoin is about to reverse & ready to hit ATH. Share your view on this.

Hope you find some value from my article. I will bring you some more valuable content like this.

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share these type of stuff.. i appreciate it.

Thanks. I will definitely try to bring some more content like this

@dhanjkalita valuable information my friend. Please share some TA with us so we can have some knowledge for it.

Why not bro. I will definitely try to bring some more valuable content like this one.

@dhanjkalita let's see which pattern will follow BTC.

Yes let's see

Valuable content for cryptolover... Bitcoin is ready to rise... soon it will break it all time high.. Thanks for sharing informative content..

Yes i believe that bitcoin will reach its ATH very soon.

Graph seems true..

Yes hope its helpful for you

@dhanjkalita Bitcoin is a very exciting development, it might lead to a world currency. I think over the next decade it will grow to become one of the most important ways to pay for things and transfer assets. I hope it moons very soon. What do you say?

Yes i hope so. This time bitcoin will break all the records.

Well explained my friend hope you will do good in crypto signals

Thanks bro. Will think about that.

You are right,hope for the best

Hope for the best

Very well described, another thing is the bitcoin broke the support level and quickly came back. That shows a bullish partern but also shown uncertanity. It should get clear in a week

From bitcoin chart i can tell that sellers are losing their momentum day by day.

Hope for the best bro.

Yes lets see how it plays out

Thank you so much @dhanjkalita for your support to grow in steemit platform, I read your post it's a very good analytical, keep it up, I upvoted you so please be connected.

Thanks fro the compliment bro. I will do the same

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so u mean its in bearise mode