Billionaire Investor Steven Cohen Enters In the Cryptocurrency Market

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As we can see from last week or so our crpto market is slowly recovering . But in that mean time, even when crypto market is in downtrend since the beginning of this year. The crypto market is attracting some billionaires and investors worldwide. This time, Steven Cohen, founder of Point72 Asset Management and S.A.C Capital Advisors, the ‘Hedge Fund King,’ decided to make an investment in the crypto market. Steven has an estimated net worth of $14 billion dollars.

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According to Autonomous Research crypto dedicated funds have been growing exponentially in the last month. The hedge fund Autonomous Partners received some new investment from big crypto companies like coinbase and others.

So what we can see from this, that while some of us are still panicking the big players are involving in this crypto world. They can clearly see that crypto is the future. So that's the best time to enter and grab those huge gains in coming years. We should learn from them, if they are investing billions of dollars into this market then they are not fool, RIGHT?

Conclusion is i believe that now is the great time to enter into this crypto market & most importantly we should play a long term game instead of playing short term.

Hope you find some value from my blog. If you do then share your thoughts below that why crypto market is so special to you. What type of investor you're, a long term investor or a short term.?

Dhanjyoti Kalita


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obviously a long term investor... because the crypto market is highly unpredictable ... and i am not aprofessional in the market investment field..

You're right mate. I am also an long term investor.

lets hope for the positive impact of this kinda news in bitcoin

Yes hope for the best

It's good news for crypto lovers

Yes defiantly

Nice search. May be in the last of the year crypto gain some high. I'm not invester of crypto but I'm interested in crypto market.

Yes crypto market is recovering slowly slowly day after day

Now the time comes when market start growing.

Yes i totally agree with you
Lets upvote each other now your turn

Lets do this brother

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Yeah. I upvoted & Commented on your post. As well as i also followed you

Wow, great news. Now the Market will increase more

Yes bro. I also believe so

i am also a long term investor but i also believe people should sell when only one coin is pumping hard, and i have done that with decent profit!

That's the main point right there. Amazing

I think bull run is coming....

The new big whale entered into the crpto market

@dhanjkalita we need more and more investors like this. Thank you for sharing this informaition with us my friend.

Yes... In every kind of investment game we should play long term game... than n only we will earn best...

very nice information. Crypto will go moon soon my friend