Ben Delo Has Become Britain's ‘Youngest’ Bitcoin Billionaire.

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Hello Everyone.

So while everything is going wrong regarding crypto currency in india , there are so many great things happening in our crypto world. Bitcoin & other altcoins are slowly recovering. Bitcoin crossed $6500 mark Eth crossed $450 mark. Looks like we are about to see some big upside movement.

Britain's ‘Youngest’ Bitcoin Billionaire..jpg

In that mean time Co-founder of BitMEX crypto exchange and an Oxford graduate Ben Delo has become Britain’s youngest self-made billionaire. Yes that's billion. Ben founded BitMEX in 2014. He used to spend 18 hours a day to build his platform. With a daily trade volume of around $2 billion, BitMEX is now one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world. Delo graduated from Worcester College. He also was a Software Engineer at IBM.

This is by far one of the great news for us. It shows that possibility with bitcoin is next to limitless. Those who are still panicking about bitcoin price this news will help you understand that bitcoin is not just a coin its a revolution, its a pin not a bubble. Its a pin for whole system, the system is scamming us from long long time.

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Dhanjyoti Kalita

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Mujhe to aisa lagta hai but coin scam hai aur kuch nhi @banjo

I am not a computer, though. I am a human.


OMG , then we should focussed more on it

So nice article.

@dhanjkalita great article my friend

India and rest of the crypto world moving apart from each other.

theres no days far that we can see crypto holders in forbes worlds richest list

It's great that Ben Dello become youngest billainor . But Avery new things becomes ones so much papular at that time who is grab the chanse definately creat a story but after that it so difficult to achieve that things again . Bitcoin can give profit but not as give as in past. I'm not saying that it is not profitable but we should alart for new things like Bitcoin and if you could search and spread that news will b so good for us. I'm waiting for something new to make money fast. If you have any platefrom pls recommend.

M the next from India