A Major South African Investment Firm To Launch Crypto Exchange.

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While the crypto market been in bearish since jan 2018, in that mean time a great news which may give some relief to investors . The news is "Sygnia Asset Management" a major south african investment firm with $14.5 billion has revealed that it will launch a new crypto exchange. Sygnia CEO Magda Wierzycka said that the firm/company will launch a crypto exchange "SygniaCoin" in the third quarter of 2018. She also mentioned that the company itself will create a dedicated fund to invest in crypto currencies.

A Major South African Investment Firm To Launch Crypto Exchange.jpg

This platform will be available for both retail & institutional clients.

Do you think this kind of news will help our crypto market to recover. Share your thoughts.
Hope you find some value from my post .


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lets make community,and up-vote, comment,share . to each other. i am from

Yes welcome bro. Lets do this together.

thanks for joining us.

Thanks for sharing the knowledge and news !

@moneyguruu as you said provide valuable content so people can get knowledge from it. I am just following your advice sir.

Nice Article, I am 100% sure that crypto market will reach its ATH by Year End.

i don't think so, because cartel group can maintain the bitcoin price level like gold and silver.

Yes i think so lets see how it goes.

I love crypto

what i think, crypto market is in infant stage and will grow more than our expectations....

That will awesome.

It will boost our crypto market. Actually this type of news can u-turn the whole market from bearish zone.

Yes you're right. I believe now whales are completely dominating the whole crypto market. Once they get the right price they will buy in bulk.

yes crypto market will boom soon as now it is manipulating by whales only

Yes you're on point. Whales are completely manipulating the whole market.

SA exchange will rock the trendz

Hope for the best. Lets see

We r waitinh 4 bullrun

Lets see when it comes.

Amazing work keep it up


Sorry @tausifajmal i didn't get you.