World's Worst day I had ever seen😓😓😖😖

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Hello to all my steemit friends and to all steemitians.
Today is the worst day for me that I had ever seen. I am so sad that I can't explain it to you all in my words.

About 6 months ago, I was so happy that I have passed my 12th class and now I was in my college for admission.
The actual thing is that college life is the turning point of our lives. I was also happy becauss there was no boundations on us. I was happy as now my life was full of joy in college with friends.
As the time passed, and months passes. Datesheet for our 1st semester released.
Then also in feeling of joy I didn't study and passsd my full time. At last exams enter in my life as a big monster.
Somehow I managed it and at the end of exams, I think that I had to reappear for 1 subject.
As today, 12 feb, 2019 our results was announced, when I turned on mobile data and open the site to have a look on my result, I was shocked to see that I had to reappear for 3 subjects. As I see my result, I was almosr lost in the rhoughts and finally hone into depression, now Also I am in the college, when I will go back to home, I only wishes that GOD! P lease save me.
I am feeling very bad now.
If there is anyone who can understand that what is happening with me and can feel about my sadness then plzz upvote me and comment on my post to help me to came out from this situation.
Follow me @devrathee.
Please upvote me and make some good. Omments so that I can handle myself from this situation.


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I noticed that you unfollowed me probably it is because of your depression 😁 I know that type of situation the best thing that you can do is go home have a little time for yourself and relax sleep a night over it... etc. Do not give up and try again! 😁

😴Sorry for that, i didn't unfollowed you. Actually in my friend circle, there is one friend who usually takes my mobilephone to chat with his friends on facebook. And he usually does these types of locomotion daily.
Actually I was also confused from 2-3 days to see that my following decreases day by day.
And sometimes my account also seems to be log out automatically.
Thanks for telling me.
Now i will create an applock on chrome so that he can't do these types of locomotion any more.
And once again sorry😔 for that i did not have privacy as i shares my all things in between friends. It

Hello, haha now worries I just noticed and after that I thought well I could have a look at your account again.. and I saw your post... Thought it would be a good idea to let a comment below 🙃 Hope you are well. Take care 😊

Yes. Now i feel somehow better.

I had a question .
My question is that when we write any blog and post it. Now in seven days, if it earns only 0.01$ then why it becomes automatically 0.00$ after 24 hours of 7th days passes. And nothing we gets???🤔🤔

Hm, not sure if I understand your question. But maybe the price of steem changed and the upvote isn't worth anything at that time(=when you get it after 7 days.)

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