To do any great work, its foundation must be strong..."Make the goal, do not care about the foundation and the rest of the goal!"

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There were two wealthy traders named Ram and Shyam in a town. Both of them used to perform bigger tasks of their wealth and splendor. One day Ram went to his friend Shyam's house to meet him. Ram saw that Shyam's house was very big and three-storey. Ram also noticed that all the residents in the city looked at Shyam's house with great astonishment and used to boast him very much.

 On his return home, Ram was very sad that Shyam's house had taken the attention of everyone. He called the same architect who had made Shyam's house. He asked the architect to build a three-story house like Shyam's house. The architect agreed for this work and the work started.

    After a few days, Ram went to the construction site to inspect the work. When he saw laborers digging a deep pit to dig the foundation, he called the architect and asked why such a deep pit was being dug.

I am working to build a three-storey house as per your specification.

The architect said that "At first I will build a strong foundation, then I will make the first floor, the second floor and the third floor."

"I do not mean most of this," said Ram

"Make the third floor straight and make as tall as the tallest you made for the evening. Do not care about the foundation and the rest of the floors! "

"It can not be so," the architect said.

"Well, if you do not do this, then I'll get somebody else," Ram said with anger. In that city, without any architect foundation, he could not build a house, so that house could never be built. To accomplish any major work, its foundation should be strengthened and work should be done in a planned manner.

Learning of this context is that one day big work or change is not possible. It is necessary to work properly on the first basis.images (1).jpg

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