Hearing audiobook keeps you bound by more than watching a movie .. What do you think?

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AudioBooks keep you bound more emotionally than watching the movie. It may be that you heard something strange, but in a recent research, it has been exposed.
According to a research conducted at UCL (University College Lyndon), listening to the book gives psychological changes within the human body. Apart from this, the heart rate also increases. During the research, the researchers distributed audio versions of several books to 103 different ages. After this the researchers showed them the films made on those books. During this time the responses were also monitored while watching the same scene of participants and listening. In this study, the emotional session of 'Game of Thrones' and 'Girl on the Train' was shown to the participants and the audio version of their original book was also told.
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When the participants were listening to audio books, their heart rate was two more per minute. At the same time their body temperature was two degrees higher. Although it is not completely clear now why audiobooks keep people in such a way. But according to the researchers, one reason may be that people try to visualize the story when listening to audiobooks, which is why people's response is much more in this medium. These facts were revealed in the UCL (University College Lyndon) study conducted for one year.

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