Data link of 12 million Facebook users! Be careful when using the 'this' quiz app..... Do not you have data?

in #mgsc4 years ago

You do not have to do anything on mobile any time for free time. In addition to surfing social media as well as playing different games on mobile and downloading quizzes, it has become commonplace. To solve the knowledge you have, you can solve the quiz in this app and reach the next steps. Data from users who use such quiz app is recently linked to Facebook. The namesetests quizzes have revealed data of more than 12 million Facebook users.
Some cyber security experts have noticed that the information about users is being tracked by the user's website from this website. Specifically, if the user deletes this application, their data will remain with the hackers. So it is not possible for anyone to understand who you are. Because such hacking makes your information easily accessible to hackers without you doing anything. This includes all your photos, videos, personal information, and so on. is a very popular website that allows you to delete different quizzes on Facebook.
Therefore, it is necessary to take extra care when using social media in future and especially using such applications.

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