Why we scared from failure.

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Hello Steemit Family.
I am back again with the new interesting blog.
I hope you like this blog.
According to me, there are many ways to scared of failure. In this blog, I discuss with you some issue that they scared us from failure.

  1. The society: According to me the biggest reason we scared of failure is society. We never tried to do something because we scared from society. Our thinking is if I do this and I fail from this task then society says "You are a failure" only this thing pull me back from doing unique. But we never remember that failure is the key to success.
  2. Our relative: You know our relatives never push me for doing something. But they always pull me back and always say you never do this. Your idea is not feasible. You are not a game changer. These words always pull us back.
  3. Our family: Our sister our brother they want you to do 9 to 5 secure job and earn a small amount and happy with this and live our lives within limits. But they don't know we want something big something better. We can't like limits we earn lot a lot. We became a game changer.
    We have a lot of a good idea. The only thing we want is your support and your trust in me. We never want anything.
    Mother and father is the only one they support us without condition. They support us on every point of our life. If we fail in any stage but they never lose trust from us.
    Parents are the real superhero of our life.
    I love you, mom and dad.
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    I want some big creators to share our words with us. These words help us to grow in our life.
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Hello @arjung216 ,

Iss photo mai app kaha ho?...pleasezz tell me my brother👦...And app kaha se belong karte hoo...👷matlab kon se city se...☺

right sa third and me jammu sa hu @lolking

My name is loloking not lolking🙎...but👦You are very handsome my brother😎...

Hello.. Mr. @Arjun...

Your post is amezing .. 👌👌👌The picture is nice..always stay happy with your family ...

"Failure is the key to success." 🙇


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thanks @checky

Boosting post.


I love your family love. this is so heart touching . I really enjoyed your article. I upvote you n follow you can do same.


you are true our mom and dad are true superhero.


No family is perfect, we argue, we fight. We even stop talking to each other at times, but in the end family is family... the love will always be there. Keep up the good work buddy! 😊

true man

Our peers too is another factor. Wondering what they'll say when you take a risk.

I might be visiting India soon ☺@arjung216

yes dear u must come to india. if u have a time then we met.
fb id: rahul.mahajan.1088

thanks for this valuble article


happy family ... :)

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