Why we feel lonely.

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Hello Steemit Family.
You ever think about why we feel lonely. I think most of the people never think about this. There are many reasons to feel lonely and I tried to cover all reason.
1.) At the time of exam result. We are depressed mode. If our exam not going well. I think at that time we feel lonely.
2.) We fight with family and feel guilty but we don't have lots of guts to feel ashamed in front of family. I think at that time we feel lonely.
3.) Your close friend can't talk to you because of you heart her/him and they very angry with your behavior. I think at that time we feel lonely.
4.) The biggest reason you fight with your girlfriend or boyfriend and he/she can't talk to you. I think at that time we feel lonely.
5.) Your siblings fight with you and your parents is on sibling side. Parent ask you are wrong and your sibling are right. I think at that time we feel lonely.
6.) No one understands you. I think at that time we feel lonely.
7.) If your boss can't understand your problem. I think at that time we feel lonely.

I think my lonely moment is finished. If you some interesting lonely movement then share with us on the comment box. We really loved to read your lonely moments
This is signing off by Arjun Gupta.


once i fought with my best friend and after the fight was over ,i realised that fault was mine and after that i felt lonely and i was not having that much guts to say sorry and accept my mistake.

with regards

@gaurav3467 try to say sorry u feel happy

This is all psychological funda my friend. BTW. You are doing nice contribution to the community. I like your post buddy.

i feel lonely when a day every things goes against me

loneliness is a state of mind which engulfs you when your mind is not reserved with any other thoughts.It means that you are done with all your work commitments,responsibilities or there is nothing you find interesting to do or think about it.

I quite enjoyed the movie "The Mummy" (2017). I was alone.

that's great

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I'm so introverted, I often feel the opposite... like I just need to be alone for a change.

@marksheppard okay thats also good

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