Value of Friendship

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I know all you have lots of friends. But you have only 1 or 2 friends they stay with you forever. friendship-friends-1311220.jpgAll you have a lot of some crazy memories with your friends. These are those memories that you never forget in your whole life. You and your friends fight with each other many times but they see you in a trouble then they always stand with you. I know you all blessed with that type of friends. Friends are that person that they change with your mood as well as situations. They help you all the time in your life. He/She know about yourself everything.friends-friendship-boy-jump-jumping-sidewalk-person-portraid-play-playing-bodies-walk-walking-back-boys-man-men-studients-joking-1437561.jpg A real friend is always a real friend, not a reel friend. If they are reel friend of yours its mean it is not your real friend. At that time the best step is you backed your step. I know most of you agree with my reviews. I know always I write a short note about everything. But this time I have a lot of memories that they created with my friends.
I am very curious to share my memories with you. Simply I ask you He/She is my crime partner. We do everything with each other. Our first girlfriend is best friends. Both we going anywhere with each other.holding-hands-2-1309232.jpg We share our clothes. And most important we are drink partners. In my life, I never drink without my friends. And some people say girls and boys are never friends. One thing I clear you. The girl is also a part of my good friend list and doesn't assume anything. She had already a boyfriend and they are not a part of our group. He is an outsider. At the last, I ask you one thing respect girls and friends. These are those that we earn with lots of difficulties.
If you share your friend's story then we are very happy. Share your story on the comment section.
This is Signing off by Arjun Gupta


It's not that diamonds💎 are a girl's best friend, but it's your best friends who are your diamonds.... 👬👫


Don't matter if I'm wrong against an enemy, you stick by my side no matter what. You can prove me wrong later or disagree with me later but you stick by my side during adversity.

i have a quotation bro now a days there is no value of friend ship. is it right or wrong

me too. never drink without my friends.Awesome mate!!!

Yes i Agreed...
Best Friends are the part of our life..
With out friends life is nothing...
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hey @arjung216 really very intresting blog.
our friends alwayes have a important rol in our life.
i'll miss my all activities with my friends.
i really like your this blog, i'll follow you closly.
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Yes , you are absolute true .

@arjung216 really said.we fight with them from outside but love them from inside.ho many best friends you have?

We can buy diamonds. But we can’t buy friends.
Friends forever!

Brilliant one @arjung216. The problem is I don't even have much friends to start with...

start to create bond with our community you really make a good friends @tobah

Thanks for that

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yes sir realy friends in your life for forever friends
whatever friends grils ya boys
respect everone

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Every time I move to a new place, I seem to find one good friend, and I learn something from them all.

In Germany, it was an American girl who taught me to "take care of my heart", which I needed to hear because I was young and stupid and chasing a boy who was wrong for me...

In Australia, that friend was a German girl who reminded me to stay true to who I am, and to embrace my childish and silly side more often and just have fun!

In Thailand it was a sweet Thai girl who reminded me to be aware of my senses and pay attention to all the natural beauty around me, even in the city.

In China, it's been a Russian girl who taught me to see every difficulty in this country as potential for learning and adventure!

Friends are pretty easy to come by, but true friends are a gift. I hope I'll meet all my beautiful friends again somewhere in the world...

@maracuja dear thanks for sharing this beautiful moment with us. Everyone loves to read your friends experience and learnt lots of things.

a friend is million times better than a girl friend.... girls about their intersts but a friend share interest with u

I want to share this with you, which for me says all about a friend, and especially when they are real.

Proverbs 17:17

17 At all times the friend loves,
And he is like a brother in times of anguish.

@arjung216 If you find a true friend in the whole life, life can be successful but it is difficult to meet in today's world the world has become very fierce..

The best way to have a friend is to be sure you are one😊

True, I can't forget Ralph!