Me and My drink always talk to each other.

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Hello Beautiful Peoples.
This is Arjun and I am your Host and Dost.
I am back again with new interesting topic.
Me and My Drink. This topic seems interesting. If you Drink then I am sure you talk with your drink. This moment was different.. You don't think about any one. At that time you feel only your drink and share everything in your mind and heart with your drink.
Sometime drink is your best friend and you loved to talk with drink. They never judge you. This is a good listner. They understand your feelings and your emotions. No matter your mood was good and bad but they support you in any condition. If you take it in a high volume. Then it effects you and it is not good.
If you want drink then take a nice 60 ml of alcohol. If you want drink drinks you then you have a no barrier of drink.
In this blog I am not promote Alcool but I am sharing some moments that create with me after I drink and I think similar moment create with you after you drink.
If you really talk with your drink then you share your moment with us in a comment box.
I hope you like this blog.
This is signing off by Arjun Gupta.


Drinks are nice.. Their is no shame taking it in reasonable and acceptable manner

yes you are right buddy. I agreed with you and I hope other also agreed with us

Wow that's great amazing. Work like it
Ad according to post drinks are a part of lifes


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I'm not sapport to drink but you explain very well and in a interesting way. Keep it up.


Drinks are for relaxation if you drink it in a manner.


I wouldn't say a Drink can be your best friend, but as long as you're not hooked, probably he can help to relax in good times or to bear calamities in hard times for a while.


I dont like to drink alcohol


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