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When you start the use of at the reputation 25. It is not easy to get upvote and comments on your post. So many work few days and lost there patient and leave the steemit.

Here I have 5 tips to get success in  

1. Start with the INVESTMENT

Firstly you have to invest in STEEM, so that you can gain more and more influencing power and for first 4 months you don't need to withdraw your STEEM you have reinvest your money again and again. This will help you and your community to grow up.

2. Create really really good content

Firstly you have to post your own content on steemit, you don't need to copy any article from web it will destroy your reputation in steemit. You Have to choose topic from google trends or you have to find what your follower are interested to know. Content is very important for your success in steemit.

3. Get attention of whales

Whales are the people who have great influencing power on steemit. They can give guy more and more steem on there upvote and comments. They will attract by you, by your post. For that you have to comment on there post and ask some question according to there post.Now you want to know who are whales, How to find whales ? They are people who have millions STEEM POWER on there wallet.

4. Grow your Followers

For that you have post 2 article daily, upvote and comments whale post and this is the business of building relationship. You need to response to the comment on your article.

5. Post regularly 

You have to show your presence on steemit. Posting regularly is the key to success on steem, make 100 upvote and comments daily.

What I can give you, Is here what I have for your help 

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Yes brother
I will try my best and steemit is big online earning platform without investment

@hirshan curently you don't know the investment plan

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You have to change the content or just copy some lines of it

nice info for beginner

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It will help us to improve our reputation also.

HMM bro it will help

a blog with content precisely and nicely put. good work @annusingh98 really liked your post

Thanks for appreciating my work

INVESTment is necessary!
Without investment it’ll take more time to earn on!

If you want to invest join that group

Good tips to grow on this platform

I hope you are having great reputation and you will like to invest in it

@annusingh98 wow thanks for sharing such good content! it will definitely help me out to grow on steemit! I will follow all above mentioned things in future!

@rhn268 IF you interested in investing SO join our group

nice work !! grow our community

I hope so, you can also resteem it now

thanks for the information buddy but please how to buy steem power

Bro you can join our group from above link

Good guidance to reach our goal on steemit thank you

Like to invest?

i will invest soon mate!

As soon as you will invest you can make more and more money

your posts are really helpful

You can invest now

@annusingh98 Nice post my friend. This kind of post helps new bie like us to know platform more. Keep spreading the information and keep posting the god stuff...

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