I have Started a Community for people who want to earn with steemIt.com

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Hello Guys,

I am involve in group where we have some new comer who want to earn with @steemit.com.

As we all are new comer here we need to 

have some patience

have to work hard

have to build relationship with each other.

According to me these are some point which we have to keep in mind so that we people get success and success each other.

I will like to tell you some more think about steemit ( which are Tip by Steemit for beginners )

  • You have to be active for 2 month so that you make your presence on steemit. 
  • Firstly you have to spend daily 3h on steemit daily.
  • Daily post 2 article on your blog.
  • Make sure your post and comments are original and not very simple.
  • When we talk about comment make sure you make 100 comments daily on different post from trending 
  • Daily pick up members from trending page and upvote, comment and follow them on there page.
  • Ask everyone a question from there post so that they can response you.
  • Make a list of people who are earning more and more on steemit and posting daily post on there blog      ( your target audience are they people )

This is the Tool will help you know, Who you are on steemit and know your cost on steemit , how much power your upvote is having now.


At last you have to put your username in the above link.

 At last you need have a community where people are serious about steemit and want to make money from it. You need friends who upvote and comment on your post.

If you want 100 upvote and comment daily then 

Rules of This Group... 

1) Every member of this group can post max. 1 post a day. One can make more than 1 posts also but we cant force group members to upvote and comment on 2nd post. 

2) Every member must have to post their posts before 4pm everyday. 

3) Every member should Upvote and comment on one anothers post before 1 am midnight regularly. 

 4) Members do not need to post their steemit post link in the group. Every member should go through the profile links,which i am gonna share on the broadcast group. 

5) After some period we evaluate the active and sincerely working members and only they will have access to the group. Who is not following group rules will be kicked out. 

For joining our group you need to comment here and tell us that you are interested to join this group.

thanx for sharing have upvoted you do samto me @dashingh


good job brother...keep promoting our group..
we have to make it the best and lengthiest steemit group of India...

@annusingh very helpful information bro. Thanx for sharing this post.

Good Job, Lets earn together.

Thank you for guiding us through your knowledge about steemit.

@annusingh98 you are doing such a wonderful job bro...its really helpful for New commers!!!

Great initiative to grow our group

Your information for new commers in stemmit field is really very useful.. i m very much intersting in joining your group..thanks for the info

Surely I would like to join.

Link is above in the post you may can join.

Bilkul brother we all with you do good have good.

i agree with you. a community of active and helping members is must for growth on steemit.

thanks for promoting our community, hope we all do great in this......

You are doing vry good job.im Interested to join your group.

thanks for the information and group

resteeming it now

@annusingh98 Good luck with the group friend. You are doing good job. Hope you will get great sucess in it.

Same community i belong to!! Very active people! Must join.

thanks for this... can u add me...

Sure ill join brother

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I allready follow this rule but not increase my reputation
What happen with me. tell me

@hirshan You are once caught by cheetah.

thanks for sharing

thanks for sharing

I would like to join this wonderful community

I'll work on the 4th point, Nice way to promote the community. Thanks for the post