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SC took the lead in the cloud data storage, and the Sia Coin appears to be big threat to the traditional cloud data storage providers. The main reason behind its threat is due to its low cost, high security and reliability. It has the potential to replace the existing companies which provide cloud data storage.

It makes use of unused and underutilized hard drive space of the user system for data storage purpose. Its decentralized nature enables the user to access the data freely without the censorship. As data coming through internet is increasing exponentially! so it poses a big challenge for the traditional cloud data storage companies such as iCloud, Google and DropBox. The SC offers very low fees compared to the traditional cloud storage providers, which are very expensive.

Data storage depository of Siacoin is available to the data owner and most importantly the system is completely hack proof. The data is encrypted and closely packed which allows the more data storage, user can access the data anytime and will have full control.

All transactions are done through the SC coin, which makes the coin valuable and also the coin listed on major exchanges like binance etc. At the time of writing, the SC trading at $0.01, and if the SC team meet their objectives then the coin price may rise exponentially!!

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