SBI Virtual Currencies started accepting new users, offering Bitcoin[BTC], XRP, Bitcoin Cash [BCH] !!

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SBI Group officially announced the launch of a virtual currencies platform which supports BTC, XRP and BCH. Initially SBI Virtual Currencies [SBIVC] platform was offering only XRP, but now they extended it by adding BTC and BCH pairs with Japanese Yen. The launch of SBIVC is one of the biggest boost for the crypto space, especially for XRP.

The exchange has conducted a trial run with the 20,000 customers, the main intention behind this trial run was to test the load handling capacity of the exchange, which went successfully.

The account registrations is available to the public, the SBIVC website will provide the details about account creation for trading platform. But there are some conditions for opening the account, i.e.,
a. The user must be 20 to 70 years of age.
b. The user must be resident of Japan.
However the corporate accounts are not accepted currently. The exchange hoping to get the institutional money soon.


kya yeh sach me shi hai. can't believe

Its Japan initiative!! not India:(

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