"Mark Down" Syntax For Writing Blog In "Steemit"

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Markdown is called as the lightweight markup language, It is used to style text.

In the following section, I have shown the syntax with preview on steemit.
Here we go....!

  1. How to declare different types of Headers?
    header preview.png

  2. How to make the text Italic?
    italic review.png

  3. How to make the text bold?
    bold review.png

  4. How to make the text both bold and italic?
    bold italic review .png

  5. How to strike through the text?
    strike through.png

  6. How to make the horizontal line?
    horizontal preview.png

  7. How to write Quote?
    quote review.png

  8. How to create a link to website?
    web review.png

  9. How to create a link to an image?
    image .png
    imge review.png

  10. How to list the items?
    item list.png
    item review.png

  11. How to list the items orderly?
    order review.png

  12. How to create a table?
    box review.png

  13. How to emphasize the word?
    emphasize review.png

image source: steemit.com

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@amarjeetsingh ,
Awsome blog my friend...👦...keep it your good work And please try do it same...👷... 🙋Lage raho bhai...and bhai Jo money promotion mai lagti hai...kya utni money wapas mil jati hai...(?????)...please ans my brother👦...
#amarjeetsingh 🌈

@loloking Thank you brother for your feedback:) coming to the promoting the blog, it's better to focus on quality content:) and definitely people will appreciate it:)

😃Thanku my brother...👦please write fast your blog...I am very very excited🙌...And Thanks for replie☺...(:

Definitely I will try to live up to your expectation:)

Thanks my brother👦

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Thank you my friend:)

good knowledge provided to the steemitt blog .

@amarjeetsing hey bro awsome post.. can you please update with html like page setup???

@amusdnom Will write html syntax soon:)

Check out my latest blog, wherein i shown the html syntax:) happy learning:)

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