"HTML Syntax" for writing blog in Steemit

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HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language, the most websites are written in HTML.


In the following section, I have shown the syntax with preview on steemit.
Here we go....!

1. How to declare different types of Headers?


header preview.png

2. How to make Bold Text?


bold review.png

3. How to make Italic Text?


italic review.png

4. How to make Bold & Italic Text?
bold & italic.png

bold & italic review.png

5. How to strike out the Text?

strike out.png

strike out review.png

6. How to Centered Align the Text?

center aligned.png

centered aligned review.png

7. How to write Block Quote?
block quote.png

block quote review.png

8. How to make ordered list?
order list.png

order list review.png

9. How to make unordered list?

unordered list.png

unordered list review.png

10. How to create a website link?


weblink review.png

11. How to place image left side of the text?
image left.png

image left review.png

12. How to place image right side of the text?

image right.png

image right review.png

13. How to place image at the center?

image center.png

image center review.png

14. How to make two column text?
double column.png

double coumn review.png

15. How to create smileys 😉?


smiley review.png

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