My cover song|janam janam | wajid ali |

in mgsc •  last year 

Hi friends My name is Wajid. I have kept one of my posts today, but still I am putting a new post because this post is from Singing and I am very much interested in singing. I have a YouTube channel with Happy Living name I have inserted some of my singing videos, one of them is presenting you please like comment, if you like.

Thank You Guy
Wajid ali

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good voice brother tum to chah gaye

Thanks bhai keep support me

I liked it. Good luck with your channel friend.

brother you are doing are on level 45,,,how us too

Usings bots. Steem power.

@yashshah1991 you missed the support of friends like you :)

Thank you so much sir....

bhai wajid ali, you are good singer try to meet some one big singer. you will get success defenitly

Insan allah but I don't have any reference and I also live in remote area there is no scope of singing

Wow bro your voice is superb. Best of luck buddy.

Thanks bhai

Amazing voice, I am a fan and will subscribe in Youtube....Start a channel in D tube as well

Sure bro I'll upload my video in DTube

keep it up bro !!!

Indian idol me bhi try karlo bro

Insah allah dua karo bhai zaroor pahuch jaunga

Woow such a nice voice

You should go for indian idol or such programs!

Yeh insah allah ill try

like it man

Thats amazing
Keep Growing


Awesm voice bro...great attitude too.!!!

Thanks broo

i would say nice try

I would like to join your youtube channel "Happy Living" . Bcoz i m the big fan of music...

Most welcome dear even I need it

Very appreciating bro......keep it up.

Thanks bro

clear voice you can be a #good-singer

superb man!!!!u should definitely take it seriously

Best of luck
Kepp it up

Yes bro u have a decent voice...keep singing forever is a rare gift by god ☺☺✌

Thanks for your valuable words bro

U will be next indian idol ,,prepare your self nice song chosen
I upvt u follow u now ots ur turn

Kya baat hay yaar.