What is HoneyMiner? Cryptocurrency mining made easy

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‘How do I earn Bitcoin?’, ‘How do I mine with a computer?’ are some of the most asked questions since the emergence of cryptocurrencies.

HoneyMiner answers those questions and is popularly referred to as a software which ‘makes mining and earning money simple for anyone with a computer’.

What Honey miner is all about?

Honey miner is a mining software created by a US based company with the same name. In this software you can mine bitcoins at around in between $1 to $3 per day depending upon how fast is your desktop or laptop version is and on the basis of computer’s graphics processing unit (GPU).

It is a beta version which people can use for free of cost for mining bitcoins launched in June. Honeyminer is a 100% anonymous body and decentralized as well. The software adopts a 2-factor authentication to ensure that only you will be able to use your account.

How Honeyminer works?

It is very easy and compatible to all the desktop and laptop versions very simple firstly download the Honeyminer software after that sign up on account and after that just sign in to your account and connect it with network connection.

After all the above things done Honeyminer software automatically mine your bitcoins and put into your account on daily basis.When a mining session is complete, HoneyMiner sends the participant’s earnings, converted into bitcoin, directly to the user’s wallet. You can decide to invest in more hashpower and profit more or you can withdraw the earnings for cash.

With the HoneyMiner beta, you can earn from $1 to $3 USD daily without necessarily doing anything, the rewards are not the best among mining software, but its free (for the beta).

However, the Pro version is expected to improve on the mining rewards.

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