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I Think all of you should well be known to this person, HE is the king of SHARE MARKET, the Richest person of the WORLD named as - WARREN BUFFETT.


Warren Edward Buffett is an American business magnate, investor, and philanthropist who serves as the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway.

HE gives 3 rule to being successful in online entrepreneurship platform. to keep success in STEEMIT you have to follow this 3 rule.


"You Only Have To Do a Very Few Things That Right In Your Life So Long As You Don't Do Too Many Things Wrong".

So wisely choose a passionate topic that helps you to growth in STEEMIT.


" Never lose your money "
Some guys loose steem reputation through copy paste and other illegal activities. by doing this u just lose your money.
if u did like that everytime you never get successful in steemit.


IT'S the only rule to successful in steemit. so never forget about it.

thank you,
best of luck. from @akash-mohanty

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And onother rule is never giveup!

exactly! if you give up easily ,then your money is going out into another pocket easily.

Very informative

@akash-mohanty,hi friend, when mr.buffet say about steemit?

no brother its just a rule made by Buffett which we should follow in steemit to being successful.

He may not be talking about crypto..but the rules shared above are genuine and everyone should follow it no matter in which ever field u r working... 👍👍👍☺
Great post akash bhai...

ill always motivate you with my post, stay connected.

good explanation about steemit success

you can go to my other blogs. all blogs are about steemit success. my blogs always motivated you.

Overall what i think bro have good concept but dear i know you can explain it better form. Because many people like me are confused to understand clearly.
But these followings rules definitely key of success

ok bro , thank you for clearify me. i m try to my best with my next blogs, and keep motivated you.

Never lose reputation and always post quality , unique content . Don't give up.

unique content is very much important, because it gives more quality to your post.

He is a great example of "Right Decision at Right Time" and that's the formula of success in life. Keep it up bro.

absolutely brother . this is why he is the richest person in the world.

yes your post suits the current crypto market also and never give up when you know that it actually works.

I though he is not a believer of cryptocurrency. I don't think he talk about crypto currencies.

but some of his rule which can applicable on steemit to success .

Jnab ap bi upvote karen. Ap mgsc ke group ke member hen kindly dosron ko bi upvote den

@akash-mohanty When buffet said those?

bro these three statement derived from "buffett 10 rules of bullz". buffett never give this statement directly for steemit. but if we apply these 3 formula in steemit. thn success is guarented .

That means we need to follow only 2 rules.....

exactly....but always remember rule no.2

Yes focus on one thing master that thing then go for next one. Great post mate. Keep sharing.

Nice post dear and both points are awesome hope I maintain my power in seemit , and do some great in steemit....do support me guys

Rule 1.
Few post but Content are unique
Rule 2.
Never lose your raputation due to un professional behaviour and away from steemit for long time.
Rule 3.
Follow rule no. 2

great effort to explain leader rules...

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great sharing ...
like it and upvoted.. upvote me back!