in #mgsc2 years ago

Soon wait is going to over. ohhhh! man really long wait but now soon btc will grow up . from last 7 days 10% downfalls are analyzed by technical analysis and that 10% is done now.. For sure it will never go down again.

Now it can easily touch 9000$ .. But wait btc have to cross the strong support level of 8800$. if its cross then surely btc will touch 9000$. I know ETF is also consider an important part of btc grow but still its not approved . Hopefully it will approved on 10 august and after that we have seen btc to moon

Buy alts coin near 10 august because btc will rise and alts will go down so try to buy alts coin from 5august to 8 august . If you are holder of btc then just wait and watch soon you are going to rich and in december 2018 your btc will easily give you 3x and if ETF approved then for sure you will get more then 3x