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Electroneum coin is consider the best altcoin.From october 2017 it started to gain popularity and after may 2018 their popularity is going down and down because of many reason. Electroneum is still promoted by some youtubers and according to them ETN will touch 0.50$ this year. REALLYMAN!!! So the answer is no but it will touch 0.07$ or more at the end of this year.

The first and important reason that ETN is not getting more popular among traders is that their team work is very slow no doubt their team is highly trusted and hard work but they are not faster.As in trading we want profit within months .Many traders just sell their etn because they lost their hope

But now come to the point i will advise you to buy ETN now because injust two months it will convert your one btc into two btc .Yes its real ETN is now trading on less then 0.01$ and hopefully in month of september it will cross 1.5$ So the best time to buy now and sell in next month


thanks for exposing this to our notice

my pleasure

Hey @ahsaaaan i am use Electronium mobile mine app

doing great collect more and more etn before it rise

Me too damm slow mining .Yet ,using n hoping for the rise in price 😔😔😔😔

Electroneum , hell no -Still holding 18000 + Huge loss .Finger crossed .Hope ur right .

buddy just wait two months this time you will not disappoint

Hope so, what u think about price in inr it will touch ?