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Now i will tell you the best 3 coins that will convert your 1 btc into 1.5 btc. But you have to show patience of 2 months.most important point is that you have to buy it now ..

The best coin to buy now is substratum as its available on all big exchanges including binance.its all time high is more then 3$. And you will shock to listen that its current value is 0.16$ and for sure it will touch 0.25$ in just 2 months so buy now or cry later

    One of the best altcoin and have more potential to touch moon. ETN currently trade on 0.01$ and for sure it will touch 0.015$ in just 2 months , Maybe it can touch 0.02$in month of september

    3.ZETA COIN :
    zet coi n only available in 3 exchanges cryptopia, yobit,coinegg .Currently trade on 0.00000018btc and will touch 0.00000028btc in just 2 months

Buy fast before you missed the train. Plz do your own research before investment and divide equally your one btc into 3 altcoins. Dont buy only 1 altcoin buy all above coins to convert your one btc into 1.5 btc


Where is number 2 coin?

I like your post too much, bitcoin of the world The only currency that is Which millions of people are using, Bit cost price The more you come down more than this Increases, Bit cost price now Is too low In 2019 Bit cost price
$ 35,000 will go, This last bit will cost the price bitcoin End I think This bit will be the last price Because I'm sure
Will not go beyond that what do you think Bit price will go ahead Answer me

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bitcoin will goes $30000 in month of january 2018 . but you will convert one btc into 5 btc with just purchase two coins etn and substratum and hold till december 2018

It is risky...

yes crypto is always risky