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We all are waiting for ETF approved . If its approved then how much above can be bitcoin . As august month is consider the most important month of bitcoin rise. So btc can hit 10000$ if its approved???? . I will explain you how much above can btc will gone in august.

In month of august specially after 10august if ETF approved then bitcoin will easily cross 10000$ and in september it would be a great chance that bitcoin will touch 12000$ and in december it will easily cross 30000$.there is large investment enter in crypto after approved of btc . So all of us soon getting rich if its approved

If its not approved then btc will remain under 9500$ in month of august. In september it can touch 10000$ and at last month of 2018 december it will be more then 15000$.
At last i would like to said that i am not advising you to invest in bitcoin . But if you have saving amount then plz try to invest in altcoins or bitcoin because in december your money will easily double, triple or more. But do your own research before investment