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In this post i will show you how to withdraw your money that you have invested in bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency if
somehow bitcoin and othher cryptocurrencies gets banned in india. All of us know that the money invested in
cryptocurrencies can not be directly withdrawn to banks untill there is an local exchange like Zebpay, Koinex, Bitbns etc.

In this post I will not only tell You but i will guide You that how to with draw your money.

STEP 1 :
first of all you have to make an acccout in the website
enter your full info and it should be real.
below are the screenshots.....
click create account...
fill all the details and proceed to step 2.

STEP 2 :
After following all above steps and after LOGGING IN , You will see beow Screen.


Click on DEPOSIT.
Then click on Bitcoin and Proceed.
Then enter the amout of Bitcoin and proceed.

It will generate Bitcoin Adresss .Send your Bitcoin to that Adresss.
Then your Bitcoins will be converted in INR and You can send them to any Indian Bank.


You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

cryptocurrencies can not be directly withdrawn to banks untill there is an local exchange like Zebpay, Koinex, Bitbns etc.
It should be until instead of untill.

as we all know that there is 50-50 chance of bitcoin in india, as bitcoin can get legal in india or not, so we have to get ready for both. If bitcoin get illegal in india then this article is very helpful to many people.

@aabidlone Good Information for Indians..

@aabidlone have you ever try this thing?? is it working??

This might be scan...why would foreign website do that?
Crypto is not going to’s just started.

did skrill transfer require swift code of bank?

Thats great info if this happens👍

Thanks @aabidlone for this high level of info. Good work 👍🏼👍🏼👌🏻😊

This is the nice way to get full price

Great info. for crypto trader.

Good info buddy . I appreciate your work

Nice information

Great article man.

are you sure that Skrill is completely safe and there are no hidden charges @aabidlone

nice informative post.. to add, we may also use 'neteller' and 'local bitcoins'

looks helpful, will try it.

@aabidlone nicely written well explained about hot topic.

But i think it will not be banned our government will not take this bad decision

@aabidlone bitcoin will not ban in india because they are planning to regulate with some rules in the 2nd week of july

@jaineel u r right bro... but india is a country of uncertainties.... no know one what will happen... our government just thinks about how to win elections they dont care about people

thanks sir for the information

Yes, there is no need to scared, we have some other options too.

Great full information and also helpful for me thanks a lot

you are sharing good information about how withdraw amount.

I have already tried this method and it works seamlessly. Anyways, thanks for sharing, others will also know this method. Keep posting

Yes dude this true skill is the best for withdrawl of money. Nice and informative 😍

Well researched you have done for this informative content..

thank you very much. I will try to post such thing in future too.

seems legit

What about the charges? @aabidlone

there is 1% charge...

i already open my account in skrill and neteller

that is great

This is amazing bro.

It's very to find Bitcoin traders in India

have a great deal of work you may not have needed this

amazing post brother keep posting and keep supporting
upvoted you,pls upvote my post

Nice info

@aaidlone thanks for informing and help full post

Interesting knowledge for us

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